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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

RSK Production San Panith

San Panith
Name: Sophorn
Subject: Could you plese download some songs for me?
Message: I am glad that i found this website.
I am so happy and enjoy so much.
Anyway, would you mind to download some of San Panith song for me? I would like you to request his english songs. I don\'t care about the title just his song is enough for me.

I would like to say thank for your impression toward our site. I have just finishing uploading a handful of San Panith songs for you to download. You can find this songs from RSK Production CD Vol. 71 (Western Corner). Please enjoy!

We have posted on CD from this production already and now you can download CD RSK Vol.60 from our link below.

Download Now
Click Here

Basically this RSK Vol.71 is somehow different from other vol. that all of the songs in this Vol. are all in English.

Here are the songs in RSK Vol.71:

  • Angle
  • Baby Am Bounced
  • Becuz I love U
  • Here's a Song For U
  • Hold Me For A While
  • Love taste
  • Mouse Loves Rice
  • One wish
  • Please Don't Leave me
  • Unboken Promise

Download it now Click Here

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